Byd released a set of design sketches officially for its new car,It’s named as "qin plus" a+ class car.

Source: BYD

BYD is the only company that makes EVs of all classes. BYD has electric commercial vehicles in ten market segments: buses, coaches, and taxis; logistics, construction, and sanitation vehicles; and vehicles for warehousing, port, airport, and mining operations. This is in addition to its 14 variants of electric passenger vehicles. When you take a step back, though, the most important part of the company is that BYD makes the batteries for all of its vehicles, which no other automaker does. This has been, still is, and certainly will continue to be what differentiates BYD the most. BYD has the cheapest EV battery in the industry, and it plans to sell its newest battery–Blade Battery–to other automakers.

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